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4 Ways to Attract Millennial Travelers

Whether it’s a desire to escape looming student debt or an obsession with getting more Instagram likes, millennials are traveling more than any other generation.
Born between 1982 and 2000, millennials are spending more on travel, seeking more foreign adventures, and traveling alone more than their parents ever did. That’s the findings of the “Future of Millennial Travel,” a 2018 report conducted by the marketing firm Resonance.
Combine the fact that at about 80 million, millennials make up a quarter of the U.S. population and increasingly the majority of the workforce - it’s a market hoteliers can’t afford to ignore.
Here are some key ways to attract millennial travelers:

Promote Localism

Gone are the days when travelers solely referred to the generic hotel guide in the dresser drawer. Millennials want more personalized information about their hotel location. That could mean a hotel-location specific guide that highlights local food, architecture, or history. Have a slew of farmer’s markets nearby? Make a list and provide it to guest at check-in. Are there any night tours in your city? Share them on your hotel's social accounts.

Get Social

Social media is a huge influence on the purchasing decisions of millennials. A part of this group’s love for travel comes with the ability to share images of their exotic getaway or mountain adventure with their online community. In addition to cultivating good reviews from guests, hoteliers should consider cultivating brand ambassadors with a hefty social media following. That’s because millennials tend to trust their social media community over traditional advertising. Developing a brand presence on social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat and sharing important but personable details about your property could mean the difference between getting booked by a millennial or not.

Must have Mobile

More than 25 percent of millennial travelers shop for hotel rooms on a mobile device. They trust the technology more than their predecessors, according to a study by Google on mobile shopping and booking behavior. To ensure this group considers your property your hotel website must perform as good, if not better, on a mobile device. Think mobile first. That means designing your hotel website with a responsive design that adapts to multiple devices without losing any quality of photos or functionality.

Get Smart

Millennials by far lead the generational pack when it comes to embracing technology. And to a certain degree they expect it. Integrating smart hotel features like digital keys and room service text messaging will increase your likelihood of attracting millennials. Making tasks like checking in and checking out of your property possible with a few clicks on their mobile phone could make them return customers.