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5 Ways to Attract Corporate Travelers

Each year, Americans take more than 400 million business related travel trips. Gone are the days of a lowly salesman slogging through the airport to a boring hotel room on the outskirts of town.
The modern business traveler considers it a perk. In fact, four out of five people who travel for work actually like it, according to 2018 survey by U.S. Business Traveler & Travel.
And increasingly a majority of corporate travelers fall in the millennial age range - from 23 to 35. That means attracting more corporate travelers means listening to what millennials want and need during a hotel stay.
Here are five ways you can attract more corporate travelers to your property:

1. Provide transportation

Offering easy transportation to and from your property to the airport is one sure way to win over business travelers. Waiting for a taxi or ride-share can create frustration for business travelers fresh off the airplane. This small service can increase your chances of a repeat guest.

2. Reward their Loyalty

Often business travelers return to the same area several times throughout the year. And many are searching for consistency. By rewarding guest for repeat visits you can maximize on this behavior. Create a loyalty program where guests can collect points to earn upgrades and access to luxury amenities to ensure their return.

3. Make Check in a Breeze 

One thing corporate travelers never seem to have enough of is time. Usually arriving at a hotel on the first day of a business trip means hurrying to unload luggage and get to the first session of a workshop, an important conference call or a dinner reservation. Mobile check-in technology and other smart hotel features are a great way to make the process quick and efficient. But it doesn’t have to be the only way to make checking in easier. Having a devoted business concierge desk with staff devoted to helping rushed travelers could also make your brand stand out.

4.  Breakfast Matters 

You’ve heard it your whole life. Well, this time it’s true. Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day, and that’s especially true when it comes to business travelers. Good coffee and a convenient healthy breakfast give business travelers one less thing to think about. The same is true for late night food options or a free happy-hour. These extra meal options take the load off busy business travelers with a lot on their plates.

5. Be a “Bleisure” Believer 

Not sure what “bleisure” is? It’s not a new trend. It’s basically when business travelers extend their trips for leisure purposes. Some fly family out, others opt for a solo stay. Looking to attract more bleisure guests? Make it easy to change rooms for business travelers when family arrive. Provide discounts on excursions and local dining options. And be sure to highlight your hotel’s leisure options like the pool, spa or family activities even if the traveler is there for strictly business. It’s those things that could help a business traveler think about extending their stay next time they’re in town.