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Best Burgers in Ft. Myers

What makes a burger great? 

Some might say it’s the bun. Sesame or Brioche?

Others will swear it’s the meat that goes into the actual hamburger. Kobe or Grass Fed?

And then, you’ve got your grilled, seared or flame broiled crowd who could debate for hours.

The hamburger originates from Germany - “Hamburg” to be exact. It wasn’t until the late 1800s that the burger would arrive on America’s shores. You’d be hard pressed to pinpoint exactly where though. Some say a Tulsa, Oklahoma restaurant owner named Oscar Bilby was the first to serve up the ground beef sandwich. Others say it was a Danish immigrant in Connecticut who served up the first hamburger on his lunch wagon.

What’s for certain is that the hamburger has become a staple of menus, barbecues and fast food joints across the country.

Some of the best burgers can be found in Ft. Myer’s, Florida.

Here are a few of our favorites:

The Doghouse
1207 Estero Boulevard, Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Their slogan is “Steamy Buns and Tasty Meats.” But perhaps it should be “Steamy Buns and Tasty Meats of All Varieties.” That’s because there are more than 10 burgers on the menu to choose from. All start out with a 7 ounce Angus burger and then are topped with a variety of toppings that add to the tastiness of the sandwich. Standouts include the “Steakout Burger,” which is made with seasoned Angus steak, grilled onions, mushrooms, peppers and house sauce. There’s also the “Oinker” made with ghost peppers, cheese, homemade pulled pork and BBQ sauce. And if those choices aren’t enough you’re welcomed to build your own burger with any toppings you like. Visit their website.

Heavenly Biscuit
110 Mango Street, Ft. Myers, Florida

We know. How can a breakfast place make a great burger? We’ll sum it up in two words: Hangover Helper. This small bungalow restaurant in Ft. Myer’s Beach serves up its ½ pound Angus beef burger topped with cheese, bacon, jalapenos, a fried egg and grilled onions. Somehow it all makes sense when you put it that way – doesn’t it? To learn more about the Heavenly Biscuit visit their Facebook page.

Edelweiss Burger
1265 Estero Boulevard, Fort Myers, Florida

If you want it your way then Edelweiss Burger is the place for you. Step foot into this mom and pop burger joint and you’re presented with a yellow placard card of options, along with a traditional menu. You can have a ½ pound Angus burger on a Brioche bun with pickles and jalapenos, or a Turkey burger with feta and tomatoes. This build your own burger place slogan is “You create. We cook. You enjoy!” Grab a chair on the patio underneath the swaying palm trees at this Fort Myers staple for the best burgers.

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