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Data and Analytics: 3 Things Hotel Owners Need to Know

This four letter word is the secret to understanding what your guest really want in a hotel stay.

The word: Data

Data drives the majority of online experiences. Look no further than Amazon for proof. Log in looking for an air mattress, and you’re bound to see suggestions for other items you might like. Luxury sheets? Bamboo pillows?

Those “If you like that, you might like this” statements are all driven by data collected by Amazon on your shopping habits.

The same concept can and should be used for hotels. Hotels begin collecting data from customers from the moment they decide on a room to when they check out. Data analytics can help hotel owners increase revenue, improve customer service, and streamline operations.

How data can improve communication

There’s more to analytics than simple room booking preferences. Storing information about guest clicks, forwards and opens can help you determine the best way to communicate with would-be customers. By recording data like email opens, time of day and device used you can begin to craft messaging that is more effective. Does this particular guest tend to open communication from your hotel on a mobile device? If so, keep messages short with clear call to actions. If the user opens emails or visits your site mostly on Thursdays, perhaps a last minute weekend promotion is the right messaging for them.

How data can improve customer service

When it comes to utilizing data for customer service, it’s important to find a way to put it into the hands of the hotel staff. By providing staff with information they can better anticipate the needs of particular guests. When a guest is checking-in, it’s important that everyone from the front desk to the housekeeping staff be able to access key information to help maximize the guest experience. This can be accomplished with dashboard technology which creates profiles of guest and makes it available in an easy to read digital format.

How data can influence room pricing

Data is key when it comes to revenue management. Historical data on rates and occupancy help dictate pricing. But other analytical data can further help get the maximum rate for a room, including weather trends, local events and the state of the economy. Finding the right revenue management service can ensure data is being utilized to increase revenue.

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