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Holidays with the Family: How to Suggest Your Relatives Stay in a Hotel And Not Your Home

It’s no secret that the holidays can be a stressful time. A dizzying pace of shopping and planning, along with increased financial pressure lead many to report increased rates of depression and anxiety during the holidays.
Adding the demands and expectations of family can add to that stress.
Florida had a record-breaking 126 million visitors in 2018, an increase of 6.2 percent the previous year.
As a result, Floridians (especially those who live in or near Orlando, Fla,) with a little room to spare, have more than their fair share of house guests from out of state. The holidays are one of the peak times for house guests.
So what happens if you don’t want to add hosting family and friends at your home to the list of holiday to-dos? The bad news is there’s no blanket answer for how to handle the situation. Each situation is unique. The good news is there are some best practices for breaking the news to your family.
The best thing you can do is be open and honest, explains Clearwater-based therapist Andrea Holmes, LMHC, CP.
Figure out your reason for saying “No.”
“Come up with a legitimate reason,” Holmes said. “Use what’s going on in the moment.”
It could be because of a lack of space, finances or simply a personal preference.
Make a Choice or Don’t
While you may not feel you can handle the entire extended family, it could make sense to open your home to some relatives. For example you may be fine with offering your home to a senior relative or someone who traveled from a very long distance, while not feeling able to handle a family of four. Or you may institute a rule that since you can’t accommodate the entire family, no one stays.
Expectations and Limitations
If you do let family stay be sure to clarify expectations and limitations, Holmes suggested. Will they be sleeping on a spare bed or air mattress? Explain your time availability to entertain or provide transportation. If there are financial restraints, let them know they’ll need to pitch in with groceries or other household needs.
Give Suggestions
If you’re not opening your home to guests for the holidays, you can suggest some other fun and affordable accommodation options. Hilton Rewards members can get 50 percent off Sunday night room rates. If you have a golf lover in the family, suggest a stay at a hotel in proximity to a great golf course like the Holiday Inn Express in Trinity, which offers a Stay and Play deal for golfers. Have seniors in your family? Suggest a hotel brand like Fairfield Inn & Suites that gives a 15% discount for people 62 and older. 


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