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Hotel Trends to Watch in 2019

In 2018, hoteliers focused on smart technology, millennials, and online reputation management. And while those trends will continue to gain momentum in the coming year, the trends of 2019 will be more strategically focused on the guest experience.

Technology and community partnerships will continue to play a large role in the success of hoteliers - as will being good stewards of the environment.

A few of the most important hotel trends to watch in 2019 include:

The Lobby as a Meeting Space

Gone are the days of a sterile lobby with just a check-in desk. The lobbies of the future will become more of a communal lounge space, featuring a mix of private and open spaces for corporate guests looking to get some work done without being holed up in their room, to families meeting up to discuss dinner plans. Also look for check-in moving beyond the lobby to other areas of the hotel including the pool and bar. The Moxy brand by Marriott is an early adopter of this and the updated lobby trend.

Local, Local, Local

In 2019, it will be all about Going Local, or Going Home. Hoteliers will look to embrace more local chefs, produce and services. Increasingly hotels are becoming focal points for a glimpse into its surrounding area. That means incorporating local trends and touches to the hotel design and offerings. That could mean a local artist featured work in the lobby, to a local pastry chef being featured on the menu. The Hampton Inn Plant City’s market shop features local products for purchase, including Two Henry’s Brewery beer and Keel & Curley Wine, both local to the area.

Instagram Reigns Supreme

While Facebook and its review platform have led the way when it comes to social media presence, Instagram is gaining steam. Because of its uber visual charm, Instagram is a major player for hotels. Think of a good Instagram post as free advertising. Hotel owners should look for opportunities to assist your guests with their postings. That could mean setting up a cool “Instagram-able” sections of the lobby to encourage photo taking.

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Green-er Hotels

From an increased demand for LEED certified construction to linen re-use programs, hotels will go even greener in 2019. Sustainability in hospitality is and will continue to be a mainstay in the industry. Brands like the Marriott have proven that greener practices not only save money but they increase guest loyalty. Increasingly guests are looking to patronize brands that have their same values. The government is recognizing efforts as well. Efforts like linen reuse programs have been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency through its H2Otel Challenge. The initiative provides guidance, outreach support and recognition for hotels that make a commitment to more eco-friendly practices.