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How to Fill Rooms During COVID-19

While many cities have issued stay-at-home orders and the Center for Disease Control has advised that the public practice social distancing, travel has taken a huge hit.
Hotels across the country are grappling with how to stay afloat financially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s estimated that hotels will lose more than $7.5 billion in room revenue since the start of the pandemic, according to the American Hotel & Lodging Association.
Many hoteliers are looking for innovative ways to generate revenue. Here are some examples that could mean the difference between making it out of this health and economic storm safely.

Contact companies or Groups who are helping the health crisis

The sales team should immediately pivot their efforts towards groups that will be traveling to help treat, fight, or govern us during these times. Great examples are FEMA, the National Guard, and traveling Doctors or Nurses. In addition, they can reach out to Decontamination Companies who may be commissioned to help businesses keep up with the cleaning measures advised by the CDC.

Volunteer to house first responders and emergency workers

Hotels across the country are lending a hand to first responders and emergency workers on the front lines of the pandemic. As the rates of infection increase, so do the demands on first responders and medical staff. While some hotels are donating rooms like the Hilton brand who announced they would be donating 1 million hotel room nights across the U.S. to medical professionals. Other hotels can contact their local municipality to work out a similar deal or negotiate a reduced room rate.

Provide isolation or quarantine rooms 

Hotel owners looking to give back to the community, while keeping their rooms occupied should consider providing rooms for quarantine or isolation patients affected by COVID-19. Some hotels on the eastern shore of Maryland are doing just that. Faced with a shortage of hospital beds, hotels can provide a much-needed service to their community.

Offer discounted specials for guests

If you’re a hotel that is remaining open for guests, there are some ways to attract guests. Try creating guests packages that appeal to guests during this crisis such as deep discounts for guests who want to stay local but just have a change of pace for an extended amount of time. For example, create a discounted 5-day or more package. This could appeal to guests who are looking to escape their mundane home, or who are in a crowded home and seek more space. By keeping the same level of service and housekeeping, guests can feel assured that they’re not only getting a good deal but also maintaining a healthy living environment.

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