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Inn The Know

LODGING Magazine's 2023 Hotel Management Guide

We're honored to be featured in LODGING Magazine's 2023 Spotlight on Management Companies. This piece highlights select Management Companies and what hoteliers need to know when partnering with a third-party operator. 

Based in the state of Florida, we're a great partner for ownership groups looking to take advantage of the resurging landscape. We're actively seeking new management and development contracts in the Southeast.

Our EVP of Operations, Lance Suksiriwong, was asked what should be a hotel manager's top priority in 2023? He responded: "It seems simple, but hotel managers must focus on retention and building bench strength. MOD programs and internal promotion plans are more crucial than ever. The industry lost good talent, whether due to cutbacks or people jumping fields, and the quick solution has been hiring to replace rather than training from within or hiring for potential. It makes sense because everyone is short-staffed, but if were are willing to take on more in the short period, I am confident we can reap the reward of the investment."