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Odd BBQ: Off the Beaten Path Memphis Barbecue Restaurants

When it comes to barbecue you’d be hard-pressed to find better than in Memphis. The Tennessee city has long been known for its smoky, tender, succulent treatment of meat. It even has its own style!
Memphis-style barbecue is slow cooked in a pit. Ribs can either be dry (without sauce) or wet (with sauce.) Each May the city host the World Championship Barbecue Cooking contest.
While ribs and pork shoulder are among the most common forms of barbecue found in Memphis, there are several other barbecue dishes to try when you’re in the barbecue capital of the world.
BBQ Pizza
Coletta's Italian Restaurant

Coletta’s is an institution in Memphis. The Italian eatery opened its doors in 1923, serving up pasta and ice cream. They introduced pizza in the 1950s only after sailors from the nearby naval base began requesting it. It was said to be Elvis Presley’s favorite pizza when the King was alive. The restaurant stays true to its southern roots by adding barbecue pork as a topping. Everyday the staff at Colletta’s smokes pork shoulders and adds the shredded pork to fresh out of the oven cheese pizzas.
BBQ Spaghetti
Interstate Barbecue

Perhaps Memphis’ most unusual barbecue dish is BBQ Spaghetti. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a favorite. The unusual creation consists of pulled pork in spaghetti sauce over noodles. One of the best places to get barbecue spaghetti is at Memphis’ Interstate Barbecue. The restaurant introduced the dish int he 1970s. It contains pork meat from ribs cooked with peppers, onions and spices in sauce over noodles. The dish is served up with coleslaw on the side and bread.

BBQ Cornish Hens
Cozy Corner BBQ

For serious barbecue connoisseurs, it’s really all about the ribs and pork. Barbecue chicken often gets a bad rap on the barbecue scale of desire. But that’s not the case at Cozy Corner when barbecue Cornish Hens are being served up. The restaurant slow smokes the little birds for hours and serves them up covered in their signature tangy barbecue sauce. Cozy Corner is a small walk-up style restaurant that serves a big wallop of flavor. If you’re looking for an authentic Memphis barbecue experience this is your place.



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