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Today's Great Hotel Manager: What it Takes

With ever-changing technology, industry standards, and economic fluctuation it takes a lot to be an effective manager in today’s world.
Add the ever-changing hospitality market to that equation, and hotel General mManagers must have an extra set of skills to juggle guests, facilities, the brand, and employees.
A great hotel management company can help lighten the load of general managers. A reputable hotel management company provides the automation of performance reports and instituting a sound revenue management system to assist hotel general managers.

Put People First

It’s been said that most successful hotel general managers have a “hospitable” gene. They’re approachable and understand that being approachable by staff and guests is imperative. Having the loyalty of your employees will help them get on board with management’s performance goals. Once you have their respect, it will extend through their customer service.

Focus on the Basics

As much as our world has advanced in technology and will continue to advance in our hotels, hospitality is still hospitality. A great manager goes beyond the data reports and embraces the golden rule of putting the customer first. Are guests greeted with a smile when they walk in? Is there a trickle-down of good customer service from the management office to the maid staff and the valet attendants? A great manager is consistent, thoughtful, fair, and patient. By maintaining these basics, a business can build upon them and advance to even more personalized customer service.

Leave Your Desk

Walk around the hotel, and put in some time with the front desk or concierge. Chat with the pool attendant. And pass out warm cookies to guests when they arrive. Leaving your desk has a dual benefit of leading by example and building a closer relationship with staff.

Be Brave

Great managers are courageous. They have to not only be brave enough to hold employees accountable they also have to trust that the people you manage will make the right decision. Micro-management is simply fear in disguise. It takes a brave manager to trust that they have the ability to hire people they can trust. Keep important work on track including the big projects and key strategies by giving employees deliverables and holding them accountable when they don’t produce.